Greatest iPhone offers obtainable proper now: March 2022

Purchasing for a brand new iPhone generally is a hectic course of. Between deciding which mannequin to get after which on the lookout for methods to save cash in your buy, there’s quite a bit to consider. Fortunately, carriers and even Apple have a continuing rotation of promotions on all the iPhone fashions that Apple at present makes. Meaning you’re not locked into getting regardless of the latest (and most costly) iPhone is, however you will discover offers on the model new 

iPhone SE

iPhone 11

iPhone 12

, and the 

iPhone 13

With the launch of the iPhone 13, Apple started a new approach to iPhone discounts by offering carrier deals through its online store. Meaning carriers can offer a promotional discount through Apple’s store that’s the same or different than buying directly from the carrier.  

Every phone currently offered in Apple’s lineup supports iOS 15, the newest software program obtainable for the iPhone. 

You’ll discover that many of the offers listed under have the potential to internet you a free iPhone, assuming you might have the best sort of cellphone to commerce in and join the best limitless plan. 

Naturally, the satan’s within the particulars, er, high-quality print, for any smartphone deal. However that’s why we’re right here. If you happen to determine that the present offers aren’t price buying and selling in your previous cellphone, you’ll be able to at all times sell it yourself and see if you will get extra cash than a retailer or service is providing.

Beneath you’ll discover the very best offers we are able to at present discover. Bookmark this web page and hold checking again as we constantly replace this checklist. 

Pricing Abstract

Mannequin Retail value Greatest obtainable value
iPhone 13 Collection










iPhone 12 Series

$599 – $1,099








iPhone 11 Series

$499 – $1,099


iPhone XR



iPhone SE (2022)






Apple iPhone 13 deals

Carrier deals directly from Apple


Apple started a whole new approach to offering iPhone promotions through the Apple Store when the iPhone 13 launched last year, and we’ve now seen that trickle down to the rest of the iPhone lineup. Instead of leaving the promotions only to the carriers, the iPhone maker is allowing carriers to offer deals for phones bought directly from Apple. Here’s how the deals break down if you go through Apple. 

  • AT&T via Apple: New and existing AT&T customers can get up to $800 worth of credits to be applied towards the purchase of an iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro with an eligible trade-in and sign up for an unlimited plan. That breaks down to the iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 13 being free on a 36-month payment plan. 
  • Verizon via Apple: Existing Verizon customers can get up to $440 worth of a credit applied towards any iPhone 13 model with an eligible trade-in and by signing up for an eligible unlimited plan. 
  • T-Mobile via Apple: Customers can get anywhere from $370 to $850 in total credits by trading in a phone to Apple when combined with T-Mobile’s credit. Here’s how it breaks down: You’ll get the current trade-in value for your phone from Apple, plus an additional $200 credit on your T-Mobile bill if you trade in an iPhone X or newer.

AT&T iPhone 13 deals

Up to $800 off


Jason Cipriani/ZDNet
AT&T’s current iPhone 13 promotions basically match those that are offered through Apple’s online store. It breaks down like this: New and existing customers can get up to $800 worth of credit, spread out over 36 months, towards any iPhone 13. That makes the iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 13 free after the credits are applied.

If you’re shopping for an iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max, you’ll pay $5.56 or $8.34, respectively, per month after the $800 in credits are applied to your bill over the 36 month period.

The catch is the amount of credit is based on the phone you’re trading in, and you’ll need to be on or sign up for any of AT&T’s unlimited plans. 

T-Mobile iPhone 13 deals

A trio of promotions


Jason Cipriani/ZDNet
T-Mobile is offering three different promotions that involve the iPhone 13. 

You can get up to $800 off any iPhone 13 model with a trade-in and a new line of service. The amount of the credits, which are applied over 24 monthly bills, depends on the phone you’re giving up. There isn’t a monthly plan requirement for this promotion. The $800 credit effectively makes the iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 13 free. 

If you’re upgrading phones and already have service with T-Mobile, you can get up $400 worth of credits with an eligible trade-in. 

Finally, T-Mobile has a buy-one-get-one-free promotion that requires you to buy an iPhone 13 or iPhone 12, and then you’ll get up top $700 in credits (over 24 months) towards a second iPhone 13 or iPhone 12. Both phones will need to be used on a new line of service for new customers, or existing customers can upgrade one line and add a second. 

Verizon iPhone 13 deals

Up to $2,000 in credits if you switch carriers and add a line


Verizon has an enticing promotion for customers who buy an iPhone 13. It’s a lucrative deal that can net you up to $2,000 in credits, depending on how you play your cards. 

For existing customers who add a line of service and buy either iPhone 13 Pro model, you can take advantage of a BOGO offer that nets you $1000 off the iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max. Plus, you’ll also get a $1,000 prepaid Mastercard to help cover the cost of switching carriers when you port in your number. 

If you want to go the trade-in route, Verizon accepts all phones, broken or working, and will give up to $1,000 based on the model of phone you are giving up. When you port your number in, you’ll get the same $1,000 gift card to take care of fees. 

The iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 13 have their own set of promotions, which include up to $700 off with an eligible trade-in and singing up for select Unlimited plans, or you can get up to $440 for signing up on any plan. 

Visible iPhone 13 deals

Up to $200 back


The prepaid carrier Visible is offering a pretty sweet deal for new customers. If you buy any iPhone 13 and transfer your number to the carrier, you’ll get a virtual gift card after your third month of service. The iPhone 13 Mini is currently winning the rewards race by netting you a $200 virtual gift card while the rest of the lineup will get you a $100 virtual gift card. 


AT&T iPhone 12 deals

50% off the iPhone 12 — no trade in required.


AT&T’s iPhone 12 deals no longer require a trade-in. Instead, you’ll need to sign up for a device payment plan and for any unlimited service plan. Once you do that, you’ll get the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Mini for 50% off, with credits applied over 36 months. That brings the iPhone 12 down to $10.14 per month, and the iPhone 12 Mini down to $8.75 per month.

Verizon Wireless iPhone 12 deals

Up to $1,699 in credits


Verizon has an online-only deal right now that requires you to sign up for a new line of service on an Unlimited plan. In exchange for doing so, you’ll get a 64GB iPhone 12 for free. The same deal also applies to the iPhone 12 Mini for those looking for a smaller phone. 

Then you’ll also get a $1,000 MasterCard prepaid card to pay off anything you might owe your previous carrier. Existing customers can get up to $350 off the iPhone 12 with a trade-in. 

T-Mobile iPhone 12 deals

To Magenta Max or not?


T-Mobile expanded its current promotion for the iPhone 13 line to the iPhone 12 lineup. That means when you trade-in your current phone and buy any iPhone 12 model with a new line of service, you can get up to $800 off your new phone. The amount of the credit depends on which phone you’re trading in, with T-Mobile offering $400 off for older devices. The credits for your trade-in will be split up over 24-months. 

Visible iPhone 12 deal

Up to $200 in virtual gift cards


Visible, a prepaid carrier that uses Verizon’s wireless network is back to offering a virtual gift card for those who buy the iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini each will receive $200 gift cards, while the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will get $100 gift cards after completing three months of service on the prepaid carrier. 


Cricket Wireless iPhone 11 deal

$99 iPhone 11 when you switch to Cricket


Image: Jason Cipriani/ZDNet
Cricket is offering new customers $400 off of the iPhone 11 when you switch to the prepaid carrier and sign up for the $60 per month plan and pay for three months of service upfront. That means you’ll pay $99 for the phone, instead of the usual $499. Not a bad deal, eh? 

Cricket Wireless iPhone XR deals

$49 iPhone XR for jumping carriers


Sign up for Cricket’s service and bring your number from a different carrier, and you can get the iPhone XR for $49. Like the iPhone XR deal, you’ll need to sign up for the $60 per month plan and agree to pay for three months of service when you sign up in order to get the promotional price. 


T-Mobile iPhone SE Deals

Up to $400 off with a trade-in


Jason Cipriani/ZDNet
T-Mobile is the only major US carrier that’s offering a discount on the new iPhone SE. You have two options with the Uncarrier. The first is to trade-in your existing phone and get up to $400 worth of credits applied to your account over 24 months. The amount of the credit is based on which phone you’re trading in, of course. For those who have the 2020 iPhone SE, you’ll get up to $200 in credits. 

The other option is to add a line to your account and you’ll get 50% off the iPhone SE, with the credits split up over 24 months of service. That makes the iPhone SE $215 at the end of the credits — which isn’t horrible! Depending on what phone you’re trading in and the amount T-Mobile offers you, this may be the better way to go if you’re starting a new line of service either way. 

Visible iPhone SE deals

Get a $200 gift card of your choice and AirPods


Jason Cipriani/ZDNet
Visible already has the new iPhone SE and the carrier is offering its staple promotion of a $200 gift card to a place of your choosing. In addition to the $200 gift card, you’re eligible to get a pair of free Apple AirPods. In total, the promotions are worth nearly as much as the iPhone SE itself. 

To be clear, you’ll need to buy the new iPhone SE from Visible, sign up for a new line of service, port your number over from your existing carrier within 14 days, and then keep your service active for three months to collect all of the rewards. 

Cricket Wireless iPhone SE deals

$50 off the new iPhone SE


You can get Apple’s shiny new iPhone SE for $379, or $50 off the suggested retail price, when you buy the SE from Cricket. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new customer or an existing customer upgrading phones — the $379 is available to all. 

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