Nomad gear for Apple iPad 12.9 Professional: Elegant, excellent high quality leather-based circumstances and energy equipment

A month in the past, I picked up a used

Apple iPad Pro 12.9

 and have been very pleased with its performance and functionality. Shortly after it arrived, the great folks at Nomad despatched alongside a couple of items of drugs for me to check out with the iPad. Nomad is certainly one of my favourite manufacturers for cellular equipment, and hit it out of the ballpark with these equipment for Apple’s largest iPad.

We examined two leather-based circumstances, a USB-C cable, and an A/C adapter that each one improve the general iPad expertise. Nomad additionally affords a

screen protector

 for the iPad Pro 12.9, as well as

Apple AirTag holders

 and several other pieces of charging gear for Apple devices.

Modern Leather Folio


Modern Leather Folio

 is clearly my favorite iPad Pro case so far, with lovely front and back leather-covered panels that give your iPad an extremely professional look and feel. Over time, the leather material will patina and develop character.

The edges protect your iPad from bumps with a TPE material that also surrounds the rear camera array. There are openings for the USB-C port and speakers with raised buttons for the power and volume buttons. There is an opening along the right edge so you can mount your

Apple Pencil


The entire inside of the case is lined with microfiber material, so your


 stays free from scratches. You can pick up the case in Rustic Brown or Black for $169.95. I tried out the Rustic Brown one, and I look forward to seeing it develop character over time.

The front of the folio case has two full-length hinge sections, so it folds into thirds so that the iPad can be propped up into a perfect angle for viewing media content or holding video calls. There are 81 magnets positioned in the folio cover to maintain a secure fit. The magnets also work to support Apple’s smart wake and sleep functionality.

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Fashionable Leather-based Case


Modern Leather Case

 is very similar to the Leather Folio, except it does not have the folding front cover. It is also available in Black and Rustic Brown with a price of $119.95.

Unlike the smaller phone cases, Horween leather is not used on these iPad cases. Nomad worked with a tannery to create an environmentally conscious premium leather material that matures with age, just like iPad owners.

This wonderfully minimalistic case adds very little weight or size to the iPad but provides solid back and edge protection for the iPad. It looks fantastic in the office and prevents your iPad from slipping off of tables too.

Kevlar USB-C cable

As a mobile tech enthusiast, I end up with a lot of cables, and it is crystal clear that not all cables are the same. I’ve had many cables fail on me and have been looking for a good cable that can withstand regular use and travel. Nomad’s

3 meter USB-C to USB-C Kevlar cable

 is fantastic, and I highly recommend it for people looking for a cable that is built to last.

The Kevlar USB-C to USB-C model is available in either 1.5m or 3.0m lengths, with the 3.0m cable priced at $49.95. I personally love the long three-meter cable that lets me charge up the iPad Pro from across the room or while sitting at the end of the couch. The cable supports 100W of power, so it can be used to charge up your



MacBook Pro


Samsung tablet

, or other USB-C compatible devices.

Kevlar fibers are braided inside and on the outside to help keep the cable intact and protected from damage. Metal connectors are found at the ends, and Nomad provides a five-year warranty with the cable so that you can trust it will likely outlast your device.

Most of my cables have failed at the ends, but Nomad states the company has engineered the strain relief support system to withstand years of use. A Nomad-branded silicone cable tie is provided for cable management too. The cable is designed for high power charging, not high-speed data transfer, but it does support USB 2.0 transfer speeds if you want to use it for occasional transfers.

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30W Energy Adapter

One other wonderful accent to contemplate, particularly as a companion to the Kevlar USB-C cable, is the

Nomad 30W Power Adapter

. It is just a bit larger than the Apple 5W adapter and much smaller than the Apple 20W adapter with a more professional and classy design. It is such a small adapter that it has become my new travel adapter.

The 30W Power Adapter provides enough power to quickly charge up your iPad,


, or other connected devices. It measures just 31x33x33mm and only weighs a few ounces. The prongs do not retract, but it is still a small and lightweight package. It is priced at $29.95, and I highly recommend it for your charging needs.

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